Retirement Appreciation Letter

Mr. Vinod Mody

267, D.M.Birla Road

New Delhi 110006

17th May, 2010.

Dear Mr. Vinod Mody,

I feel privileged to write to you at a time when you are due to retire on 1st of June, 2010 from the post of Senior Manager, Operations.

During this tenure of your stay, our company has witnessed numerous turbulent situations. But with your dedication, discipline and hard work, you ensured a sound solution to each such problem.

It wont be out of context to mention how the launch of our product ‘Zengo Jeans’was a massive hit among the youths of the country. The company acknowledges the gratitude it owes towards you for its success. The product was introduced at a time when the company’s sales hit the rock bottom due to recession. But it was your self belief and endeavour which saw a sales figure of $57000 in the first month of the launch.

Wish you good health and all the luck.

Yours Faithfully


Senior H.R.

Youthful Wear Pvt. Ltd.

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