Sorry Letter to Girl Friend

Susan Boyles,

North Park Avenue,

45th Surf Street,

4567 8977,

Chicago Illinois.

26th May 2006

Dearest Susan,

I am sorry for the way I hurt your feelings last Wednesday. I did not mean to yell at you like I did. I was way out of line the way I behaved. I need you to understand that it is not usually my character to loose my cool the way I did. I love you so much and would never dream of making you mad or unhappy. I don’t know what got into me to make me react like that. I know I upset you and right now I feel so remorseful and unhappy.

I am finding it difficult to forgive myself and would only be able to do so if you find it in your heart to pardon me for my behavior.  I want us to have a long and fruitful relationship and I am sorry that I am already making unwarranted mistakes. I am aware that you are avoiding me. I know that you have every right to choose not to want to speak to me but I ask that you may please let me know when I can come by your place and get to see you. Please forgive me.

Looking forward to hear from your at the earliest.

Your love,


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