Apology Letter for Wait in Service Delivery

30th July 2010,

Mr. Naveen


Dwaraka nagar rd no 2.


Dear Naveen,

This is to acknowledge you that we are unable to make delivery on the referenced purchase order [order number] on the date [Date] indicated. The delay was caused due to an unexpected shipment delay from our overseas suppliers.

In our effort to improve the overall quality of our products, we used a new composite material for your order. We are in the process of completing more thorough testing and development. We have already brought in additional staff to fasten the production of a replacement order and guarantee its delivery by the end of this week. We will hold your order for arrival of the merchandise, and ship shortly thereafter.

We again apologize for not exceeding your expectation and the inconvenience caused to you. We look forward to continuing the mutually beneficial relationship.

Yours Sincerely,




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