Recommendation Letter for College Admission

Mr. Tahoma Acharya

R. K. Puram, New Delhi – 110022

January 6, 2011

Mr. Radheya Patel


Delhi College

Mathura Road, New Delhi 110003

Dear Mr. Patel,

With honor and pride, I would like to recommend Mr. Raakaa Malik  who is seeking admission into your school.  I have been a teacher of his for two years and I believe I have known him enough in the academic field to recommend him.

Mr. Malik was a very good student of mine.  Though he did not top the class, he was always among the best students and always did well in class.  He is a very analytical thinker and was always active during classroom discussions.  For this, he is known among his peers as an intelligent student and is oftentimes chosen as a leader in group projects.  These qualities are important in pursuing college education.  I am sure he is has the perseverance to finish college.  He is very passionate about learning and applying what he has learned in life.  I hope this recommendation would help you consider his application.

Thank you.


Mr. Tahoma Acharya

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