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Sample Request Tenant to Repair Damage to Property Letter

Request Tenant to Repair Damage to Property [DATE, ex. Wednesday, June 11, 1998] [NAME, COMPANY AND ADDRESS, ex. John Smith 1234 First Street Suite 567 Anycity, Anystate  85245] Dear [NAME, ex. John Smith], I am writing to inform you of [NATURE OF DAMAGE, ex. damage to the exterior piping on our unit, #243, which results […]

Request to Include Landlord in Tenant’s Liability Insurance

Dear In case you have not had an opportunity to read through the Master Lease, please note that there is an insurance clause that requires the tenant to carry public liability insurance of $000,000/$0,000,000 and property damage insurance of $000,000. The landlord, (name), must be named as additional insured. Inasmuch as we are sub-leasing these […]

Rent Agreement Letter

July 28, 2010 Mr. P. K. Shetty, 921 East Bunder Street, Bandra, Mumbai Dear Mr. Shetty, It was very kind of you to rent out a portion of your house to us.  We have received the contract documents and agree with the contents. I am working in M/s. Diorr Chemicals, which is close to the […]

Landlord Statement Letter

Mr. Erik Langdon, The Tenant, 666 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA- 04859 Date: 08.01.2011 Dear Mr. Langdon, I have received your letter stating the damage of the plumbing in the kitchen on 07.01.2011. You had asked me to repair the damages at the earliest. I am sorry but due to personal reasons I will be unable […]

Tenant Reference Letter

Francis Brown 256 Angle Street, Brandon, England. 02/06/2003 Dear Mr. Brown, It gives me great pleasure to recommend Michael Freeman who has been my tenant for over two years. He had an impeccable payment history and always paid the rent before or on the due date. Initially, there were complains of loud music from his […]