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Funny Christmas Letter

Dear four-legged friends, I hope this holiday season finds you warm, happy, dry and most importantly full. I am doing very well. My family is also doing well. However, lately they have been neglecting me. Reason, about two months ago, the two biggest people who brought me home from the shelter also brought a tiny […]

Sample Pregnancy Announcement Letter

August 2, 2010 Col. Rajendra Kumar, 36, Light Infantry, C/o. 56 APO. Rajasthan. My dear son, Hope everything is alright with you on the war front.  I feel proud of your service to the nation against all odds.  Here, we are all fine and doing well.  Especially, my daughter in law, Ragini is daily dreaming […]

Sample Announcement Letter

To, Recipient’s name: Recipient’s address: Date: Dear (state name), I hope you are doing well and adjusting well in your new hostel. I wish to announce that your sister (mention name) has secured (mention rank) position in the (mention name/standard) examination 2010. (The first para must directly and in the very beginning state the announcement […]