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Personal Loan Agreement Letter

From, Mr Lawrence, 3B, Big Hut Apartments, Williamson Street, New Orleans To, Mr Ribera, Bank Manager, ICUC bank, New Orleans Dear Mr Ribera, I, Mr Lawrence, am writing this letter with regards to the personal loan agreement which I wish to enter with your bank. The bank has approved my application for personal loan and […]

Sample Accounting Manager (General) Resume

ACCOUNTING MANAGER (General) Following is the sample resume for the post of accounting manager; this resume contains candidate’s date-wise experiences and qualifications. The dates and addresses are just for your reference they may be fictitious.   Bill Grid 173, Pecos Road Nevada, LV. 01234 (123) 456 789 EXPERIENCE :   1990-Present Town and country bank, […]

Sample Accounting Manager (Funds) Resume

ACCOUNTING MANAGER (Funds) In the sample accounting manager (funds) resume use of dollar figures and percentages lend weight to the resume by emphasizing accomplishments and consistent verb tense makes for easy reading.   Jerry Wills 253, Ellis Street Phoenix, Arizona 01234 (123) 678 344. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 1990 to Present BNC National Bank, Phoenix, AZ. Accounting […]

Appreciation Thank you Letter

To: (General Manager) (Global Banking Limited) (24, Nariman Point) (Mumbai) (12th February, 2004.) Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for the appreciation of my performance in the (Annual Performance Evaluation Report). Your kind appreciation has not only boosted my confidence but renewed my enthusiasm and zest for the job. I would like to […]

Complaint Letter to Bank

From: Emily Swan 345, Main Street New Jersey To: Thomas Martin Manager Money Bank Ltd. High Street New Jersey 24th July, 2007. Ref: Account Number 12345678 Dear Mr. Martin, This is with reference to my Account Number 12345678, which has been unduly debited with $ 49 as processing fee, for an overseas transaction. I was […]