Forester Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for forester job.
Given below is a sample forester resume cover letter. If you are applying for a forester job, don’t forget to send such cover letter with it.


123, Park evenue
Boston, MA, 02123
(123) 456-7890

September 23rd 2008

Ms. Sally Cook
Zeus Department of Forestry
241, East Street
San Francisco, CA 95288

Dear Ms. Cook,

Just yesterday I saw the listings for a forestry manager on the Department’s HR web page. I am most interested in this position because I have been considering seeking a promotion for some time.

Although we have only spoken once, you may be somewhat familiar with my work through conversations with my manager and through the performance evaluation process. In any case, allow me to list a few of my qualifications:

  • I have completed 18 units of postgraduate courses in Forestry Management.
  • I have gained supervisory experience from overseeing site preparation and tree planting and from training others in the use of our computer system.
  • On several occasions, I have been able to resolve or at least assuage conflicts between opposing groups.

One other consideration makes the currently open forestry manager position most appealing — it is for the district adjacent to Elgin. Characteristics of that area are very similar to those of the Elgin district.

I hope you will give serious consideration to my application. If we haven’t spoken by the middle of next week, I will contact you.


Martha Klingman

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