Fishing Vessel Captain Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for fishing vessel captain job.
Given below is a sample fishing vessel captain resume cover letter. If you are applying for a fishing vessel captain job, don’t forget to send such cover letter with it.


123, Park evenue
Boston, MA, 02123
(123) 456-7890

September 23rd 2008

Ms. Sally Cook
Zeus Fishing, Inc.
566, West Street
San Francisco, CA 95188

Dear Ms. Cook,

I opened the paper Sunday and what did I see in the classifieds but an advertisement for a captain at my old “home.” As you know, the only reason I left Williams Fishing was that a captain’s position became available at Dodd Services when Williams seemed unlikely to be needing a captain for an indefinite period.

I really enjoy the captain’s role, and if I can trust the feedback I’m getting and my own evaluation of results, then I’m doing a good job. But I do miss my old buddies and would like the opportunity to rejoin the firm in the captain’s position. Because you know my work as well as anyone, I won’t belabor my qualifications. I’ll just enclose my updated resume.

Although my current boss, Bob Borman, may be a bit grumpy about it, I’m sure he will provide a good reference. So when may you and I talk? I’m definitely anxious to hear from you.


Martha Klingman

Enclosure: Resume

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