Break Up Letters

June 2, 2012

Break up is not easy not easy to say to your loved ones so breakup letter help to do this. Break up letter is written to end the relationship with your loved once. Such letter is often painful for both the parties.

Break up letter should in polite tone. Mention about the reason of break up in the letter. Tell your feeling in the letter as it may be last time for you.

Since the breakup letter is not pleasant, try to write about the memories that you shared with your loved ones and make it pleasant.

Break up letter should be written after giving lot of thought about it.

The nature of the letter is very sensitive so choose your words accordingly.

Break up letters must be clear. They should not extend false hope or unnecessary reassurances to the recipient

Do not blame for breakup entirely to your loved one.

Break up is not easy to write to the person with whom you have spent memorable time.


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