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Romantic Letter to Fiance

Mr. Dale Coring, 32- Hanging Street, Baltimore, USA. Dear Dale, I get very nervous and very excited when I think of the moment when we will be announced man and wife in the church. I have always dreamt of this moment. In my dreams, I never knew who would be my man, but after I […]

Romantic letter to Husband

April 18, 2010 New Delhi My dearest Ajay, It feels like a different lifetime when we first came to know each other. We were both so young and naïve, full of starry romance and innocence in our eyes. But in all that innocence, there is one decision which I never regret taking — getting married […]

Romantic letter to wife

April 18, 2010 New Delhi To my beautiful wife Sonali, I still remember the day when I first saw you coming out of your classroom, how you were talking to your friends, that beautiful blue dress you wore and how the summer breeze softly moved your long hair. I thought I had seen an angel […]

Romantic Letter to Wife

My sweet wife Angelica, I fill this letter with much warmth and affection for you who is my one and only. May your day be filled with the brightest sun ever and may its rays be broad enough to surround and hold you tight, just to remind you, that I am always there for you. […]

Romantic Letter

May 21, 2009 Ms. Esther Ramsey 3383 ValleyView Hopper Road, California 443 Dear honey, It has been long since I actually wrote you a letter; we are used to chatting online. I have been thinking a lot about you today and thought of putting down my feeling in writing. I remember the first time I […]