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Purchase Order Issued on Acceptance of Delivery Date Estimate

Dear Your (date) estimate for providing (merchandise) has been approved and we are therefore enclosing our purchase order # for this transaction. We must reiterate that this order has to be delivered on or before (date) due to commitments we have made to our customers. Thank you for all of your cooperation in this matter. […]

Notice of Refusal to Accept Delivery

NOTICE OF REFUSAL TO ACCEPT DELIVERY Date: _ To: _ (Customer) We are in receipt of your order described on the attached invoice or order form. You have cancelled the order after acceptance or refused to accept delivery. Accordingly, we consider our obligations to attempt further shipment as terminated, reserving all rights against you for […]

Notice of Defects in Goods After Acceptance

DEFECTS IN GOODS AFTER ACCEPTANCE To:__________________________ _________(address)________ Notice is hereby given that on (date of delivery) , I accepted the tender of (merchandise delivered) under our contract for purchase dated (date) . That beginning on (date) and continuing to the present date, the following defects in the above mentioned goods have become manifest: (set forth […]

Charge Account Terms and Conditions Form

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Buyer agrees with seller_______________________________to pay for all purchases upon receipt of monthly statement. Charges billed, but not paid by the 10th of the month following purchase will be considered delinquent and subject to finance charges. The FINANCE CHARGE for individuals is computed by a periodic rate of ____ per month which is […]

Acceptance of Order With Delivery in Lots

ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER WITH DELIVERY IN LOTS Date: _ To: _ (Customer) We acknowledge acceptance of your order as per your order of _, 20_. The goods will be shipped to you in the following lots: (Specify lots and delivery schedule) _ We request that payment be made as each lot is received. Very truly, […]