Letter Requesting a Doctor to Participate in a Free Medical Camp

Dr. Clint Geller

5825 South Maryland
US, IL 60637


Dear Dr. Geller,

We, Texas Medical Association (TMA) have organized a free medical camp at the

Carnegie Vanguard High School campus in Houston on Sunday, 4th August, 2013 from 10 a.m. onwards.

Our plan is to provide free medical services to all the localities in an around Texas. Our estimated figure for the camp is 1000 people. All our treatments will be conducted in accordance to the necessary logistics in Medicines/Drugs, Accommodation, Meals, Transport and Medical charges at various hospitals in Texas. We have decided to carry out this service in the following field:

Eye clinic                    Dental Clinic               General Medical Clinic

Minor Surgery             Dermatology               Gynecology

Since, you are one of the famous surgeons in Texas we will be honored by your presence. We hope you accept this request and contribute to the success of this campaign.

Best regards,

Rachel Anniston

Executive Director


Letter of Farewell to Employee

A letter of farewell is usually a departure letter written to someone who is leaving an institution. These are generally exchanged in work places when a long time employee is about to quit and the management wishes him/her all the luck for the future along with a deep sense of appreciation towards the employee’s contribution. Employees feel grateful on receiving such a letter as it shows their importance.


David Kevin

1401 Rockland Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia
V8S 1V9


Dear Kevin,

The team of SaskCentral sends you the deepest regret to have to witness you leave.

You were the most fun person. None of us ever felt out of place around you. You had the greatest skills in crisis management and always knew to make the right decision during such times. You knew how to keep your team members spirited throughout the day.

Your keep-smiling attitude made us like you more with each passing assignment. You always knew how to manage time and meet deadlines without pressurizing.

We wish you good luck in your new workplace. Hope you create the same environment and make yourself favorite to everyone.

May you have a successful future ahead.




Everybody at SaskCentral


Format for Experience Letter or Relieving Letter

A letter of experience is generally forwarded by an institution where an individual has worked in the past while applying for a new job or post secondary education. It incorporates an individual’s previous or current work experience. It must contain the time period of work along with the skills that he/she acquired during the said course of time.

360incentives Inc.


Monica Green
450 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0V8


Dear whom it may concern,

I hereby confirm you that Ms. Monica Green was associated with our organization from April 12, 2005 to June 13, 2013. As an employee at 360incentives her responsibilities were to review our clients report and send necessary suggestions to our creative team. She has a keen sense of observation and skilled in crisis management. She has a professional attitude towards work, thus being able to meet up deadlines every time.

She left 360incentives on June 13, 20013 due to some personal issues and now is back in the field and is in search of a job. We would be more then happy to have her back, but she cannot shift from her place.

I would fairly recommend Ms. Green for a post that fits her skills in your company.



Simon Mathew



Warning Letters

Warning letter is written to warn the person for wrong action. If the case is severe the letter can also be considered as legal.

This letter is to warn the person before the actual action taken. The reason of warning should be mention in the letter and what is expected by the reader should be written. Action should be described in the letter.

The warning letter should provide a time period within which this action must be rectified, after which there will be inevitable steps taken by the party issuing the letter.

The letter should be written in authorative tone and needs mention clear what is expected by the reader.


Warning Letter Template


Name (Mention the name of the recipient)

Designation (Mention his designation, if applicable)

Company (Mention the name of the company to which he/ she belongs, if applicable)

Address (Mention the complete address of the recipient or the address of the company he belongs to, whichever is applicable)


Subject: Write down the purpose of writing the letter in one line


Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. Last Name

This letter is to warn you for _________________ [mention the reason for giving warning].

The incident, _______ _________ [mention the details of the incident for which warning is given] that happened _______________ [time when incident took place] was not accepted. And we are disappointed with you.

Please treat this letter as last warning and the management will not tolerate such behavior in future.

Thanks and Regards,

Name (Mention the name of the person writing the letter)

Designation (Mention the designation of the person writing the letter, if applicable)

Name of the Organization (if applicable)