Welcome Letters

Welcome letters are used for the purpose of welcoming a new product in the market, new employee, client, investors in the business, guest at house, office, event, conference etc. Though the purpose might be varied but all of the letters follow a single approach of cordiality for every kind. Therefore, while documenting a welcome letter, some of the specific guidelines holds true irrespective of the kind. They are as follows:

  • The wordings used in welcome letters have to be engaging yet professional.
  • One must ensure to use language that is concise and easily understandable without being much verbose or effusive.
  • Prior writing the letter, decide the content that is to be written on each paragraph. This would be according to the purpose that is decided to be depicted. If it is for business purpose, then one must ensure to talk about the enclosures that are being attached along with the letter.
  • Salutation can be personalized or use event title followed by “attendee”.
  • First paragraph conveys a “welcome” message.
  • Body paragraph conveys “agenda” information (attachments).
  • Closing paragraph conveys “appreciation” to guests.
  • Signature line from event host, including title.
  • The welcome letter should be simple and to the point. It’s helpful to make sure that your welcome letter is written either on organization letterhead.

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