Thank You Letter for Invitation

April 12, 2010

Dear Pauline,

Thank you for inviting Rita and me to your book launch party. We had a lovely time. Everything was just perfect. The discussions, the food, the décor and you were looking so adorable. It seems like yesterday that you learnt to write and then spell. I still remember your head hanging out of the car window as you tried to spell all the street signs. And look at you today, a successful writer. God bless you little sister.

I am very proud of you. We are all waiting eagerly to see you and our niece on thanksgiving. Do let us know whether Danny is going to be back by then. It’s been a long time we have seen him also. It will be really nice if the whole family can be together for thanksgiving this time. Till then you take good care and give my beautiful niece lots of hugs and kisses.  Thank you once again for the lovely evening.


Jack and Rita.

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