Thank You Letter for Farewell Party

Members of Staff,

Mumbai Roads Construction Limited,

Navi Mumbai.

Dear All,

I would like to let you people know that today is my last day of work at Mumbai Road Constructions Ltd. As I have brought it to the notice of everyone earlier that I would work for Construction Associates Bombay from here on, my Job there would commence next week. I have written this letter to thank you all for your support and love that you have been raining on me.

I have immensely enjoyed everyday of work on account of you and your presence. You have always been of great support morally. I will miss you guys for sure as you people cannot be replaced by other colleagues.

My personal e-mail address is [email protected] and also if you wish to talk to me incases of any problems or for assistance you can take the liberty of calling me at my residence +919133433432.

Thank you,

Rajini Lobo.

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