Sample Business Thank you Letter

Mr Andrews Smith

265 Baker Road

Pastry Street

5th Avenue

Block- G


United Kingdom

5th April, 2010

Re: Thanking you for your gift

Dear Mr Smith,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your gift. I was really touched by your care and concern towards me. Would also like to tell you, that I always wanted to own a personalized stationary set but could never buy one for some reason or the other. Thanks for your thoughtfulness; my long cherished dream has come true.

Thank you once more for making me feel so special and pampering me with such wonderful gifts. I am extremely delighted to say the least. Time and again, I have cherished you as a partner and once more today, I cherish our long association together. Thank you for always being with me when ever I needed you.

Thanking you once more

Mr Stellar

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