Employee Thank You Letter

Mr. Charles Spencer

Manager- Finance

Engle Financial Service Pvt. Ltd

Dear Charles,

I want to thank you all for your unaccountable contribution in the completion of financial project of Engle Financial Service Pvt. Ltd. I am very please and feeling proud of my head working team who make this happen.

Today morning, I have attended a meeting with Mr. Mark regarding the result of our ongoing project. Mr. Mark was very happy to see the results. He congratulated us for achieving the targets of the tough assignment. This task was given to all the teams but we have earned profit out of all. Senior management has decided to give bonus and also announced three days off for us. I really appreciate the effort and attention you paid to your job as you worked for day and night with full devotion.

I hope, in future I will see the best results of your work. Have a blast on your vacations with advance bonus.

With warmest regards,

Richard Wattson

Head of the Department

Engle Financial Service Pvt. Ltd

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