Termination Letter to Teacher

Mr. Daniel Totter,

Ellen Educational Institutions,

32- Hanging Street,

New York,


Dear Mr. Daniel,

We feel very sorry to inform you that you are being terminated from the Ellen educational institutions and this has been decided the board of members with respect to very low pass percentage from your class, which is reflecting your poor teaching skills.

We have also received several complaints against you from the parents of the children regarding your rude behavior towards the students. Students themselves have complained about your humiliating behavior in the classroom and embarrassing them in front of all the students. Keeping this entire track against you, the college has the right to dismiss you without prior notice and the management is forced to utilize this right. Hence it would be respectful for you as well as the institution if you resign voluntarily or else legal action will be taken against you.

Thanking you


Ellen Educational Institution.

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