Termination Letter for Absenteeism

Mr. Andrew Wills,

Protext Corp.,

32- Veronica Street,


Dear Mr. Andrew,

We are very sorry to inform you that you are terminated from your services to the Protext Corp., and the reason stated by the disciplinary committee is excessive absenteeism. You have exceeded your leave restriction by 32 days in tenure of 4 months. Consequently the project which you must have completed long ago is still pending.

You have been served with several memos and also personal warnings even after which you have failed to change your pattern which has incurred losses to the company. Hence you are asked by the committee director to leave the company voluntarily by the end of this month or else you will have to be expelled out forcefully, which we hope is not so good either for you or for the company’s reputation. Your salary will be paid as usual for rendering your services this month.

Thanking you.

Mr. Mark Dwell

(Director Disciplinary Committee)

Protext Corp.,

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