Attorney Termination Letter

August 7, 2010.


Ms. Janet Jackson,

142, Main Street,

Chicago, USA.

Dear Ms. Jackson,

[Subject: Termination of Attorney]

This is to inform you that you have been expelled from the legal counsel of attorneys, serving the state of Chicago, owing to your irresponsible and negligent behavior in the court premises yesterday.  Your rude argument with the honorable judge has been seriously condemned by the disciplinary committee. You are also alleged of producing wrong witnesses in the court much against the basic principle of clause 23(A).

As a consequence to the above mentioned reasons you are terminated from the services immediately and are not legible to practice law any where in the United States of America. Judicial proceedings against your allegations will also be made and intimated to you. Failing which, you will have to face dire consequences. If proved of your guilt, you will have to pay heavy penalty and punishment, for showing disloyalty.

Yours truly,

Martha Benjamin,

The Legal Counsel,



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