Sympathy Letter for Loss Of Pet

Ramesh Reddy

2923; Telephone Colony,


Dated: Aug 08, 2010

Dear Ramesh,

Hope this letter will find you in good mood.  How your studies are are going on?  I am sorry to hear about the sudden death of tiger, the Alsatian dog of yours.  I know very well how you have developed your attachment with your pet. It is indeed a real loss of a good friend and dogs have been very good friends to humans since times immemorial. I remember him helping your father getting relief from the hypertension and serious heart ailment along with a bit of exercise when he used to take it out in the mornings.

Though it is a great loss, I advise you to divert your mind from the incident and concentrate on your forthcoming end semester examinations, as the career is important.  I also suggest you to bring another puppy at the earliest possible so that it can help you in forgetting the tiger.

Yours affectionately,

Rama Rao.

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