Sympathy Letter For Illness

Subrahmanya Sarma

S/o. Hiranya Sarma,

H.No. 2-2-506; Green gardens,


Dated: Aug 08, 2010

My dear boy,

Hope this letter will find you in good spirits.  I am writing this letter to you on knowing your recent sickness.  I suggest you to take extra care of your timely food and regular exercise regiment when you are alone.  You have entered the career life first time and began living lonely on employment far from us and we too feel your distance a lot.  It is the testing time for you to learn the intricacies of life to lead an independent life in future.

I know that your office work does not allow you to spare time for sports and your pastime jogging.  Still take out some time to find some leisure and during office hours to practice some physical movements and do not allow fat to concentrate in excess in any part of the body.  I also suggest you to take extra care of your food and do not go for more carbohydrates.

Wishing you speedy recovery, with all best wishes.

Yours affectionately,

Your father.

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