Personal Sympathy Letter

Mr. Dale Coring,

32-Alfred Street,


United Kingdom.

Dear Mr. Dale,

It was heart breaking news to hear that your wife passed away last night. I really feel bad for what has happened. Though I know that my words to comfort you are futile, but those are all I have got now to give you. Keep your mind strong in this moment of grief and help Jane and Suzan come out of the sorrow, as they are too young to take this.

I will be visiting you in a couple of weeks. I pray god to give you courage to get through this irreparable loss as soon as possible. This will be a tremendous blow to your family, but keep your faith in God and he will help you. Take this easy on yourself and help the children to come back to their routine. Remember that you have a friend to take care of anything you want.

In sorrow and with love,

Your friend


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