Statement Letter for School

7th January 2011

The Bank Manager,

National Bank of Georgia,

Adel, Georgia-423895,

Respected Sir,

I wish to open a savings  account in your bank and having gone through the requisite formalities that I have to complete I am writing this statement letter to you in order to provide you with my age proof for the purpose of availing senior citizen benefits on additional interest provided by your bank.

Along with this letter I am attaching a photocopy of my birth certificate, my green card, my national security card and also my address proof. I have been a resident of Adel for the past forty two years and my address has been 41,Boulevard Avenue, West Adel,Georgia-423812.For the proof of my address I have attached a photocopy of my passport and I hope that the submission of these documents will facilitate the speedy opening of my bank account. Thanking you for your time and patience.


Nicholas Brandon.

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