Simple Statement Letter

Ms. Alice Robinson,

The Landlady,

5436, Correa Road,


HI- 909090

Date: 08.01.2011

Dear Ms. Robinson,

This is in response to your last letter which I had received on 07.01.2011 in which you had asked me to make a statement giving my personal details.

I am here in USA to do my M. S. Degree in Biotechnology from the University of Hawaii. Since I am a foreign student here, my homeland being India, I need to stay as a Paying Guest. Since your house is very near to my university and you also accept paying guests, it was a very good option for me to approach.

I will be staying here for two years, i.e. until the completion of my degree. I am available for further queries you have. I will be grateful if you let me stay as a Paying Guest at your place. Hope to hear from you very soon.

With Regards,

Rita Suri.

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