Legal Statement Letter

8th January 2011

The Judge,

Minnesota State Court,

Embers Avenue, Saint Paul,


Respected Sir,

I’m writing this on behalf of my client Mr. Henry Banks who has been involved in the case of a dispute over distribution of property with his younger brother Mr. Marion Banks. My client is the eldest son of Mr. George Banks and hence he deserves to have a fair share of the property and any question regarding his not deserving the larger share should be overruled.

Mr. Marion Banks seems to have an objection to his brother inheriting the larger share of the property from their deceased father because prior to Mr. George Banks’ death, his youngest son has been the owner of the sole company while Mr. Henry Banks was away in Australia. I respect Mr. Marion Banks’ sentiments but on a legal basis it is quite expected that the eldest son gain claim to the larger share of property.


Advocate Judy Stanson.

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