Income Statement Letter

3rd March, 2010

Mr. Frank Holster,

Income Tax Department,

Amber Court,

Iowa – 411684.

Respected Sir,

I wish to present you a statement of my monthly income as paid by Lynch Brothers and Co. in order to get a rebate on the income tax to be deducted from annual income.

I  have been employed by Lynch Brothers and co. in July 2009 and back then my salary was 12,000$  which was not within the tax payable bracket and since my promotion last year in October my salary has been incremented to 19,000$ which is well within the bracket of tax deductable income range. However as per the new rules according to which there can be some rebate in the amount to be deducted as tax I have decided to apply for it and having signed the various documents on allowances that will enable me to procure the rebate I hereby deposit the statement of my income for confirmations.


Thomas Carpenter.

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