Romantic Love letter

April 18, 2010


Dearest Vipul,

I am so happy to come back from my holiday today because I will get to see you after one whole month! When I was in Shimla, all I could think of was you and how I want us to come here together one day. It was so beautiful, the majestic mountains and the clear blue sky made me miss you even more.

We also saw some beautiful flowers and the cool breeze reminded me of your touch. When we get married we will come to Shimla. The place is so calm and pretty and it will be an ideal romantic holiday for us. We can also go to the apple orchards nearby and snuggle in those pretty cottages.

As I sit in the bus and write this letter, I know that you will be there to pick me up and I can’t wait to meet you. I love you.

Yours forever,


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