Romantic birthday letter

April 18, 2010

New Delhi

Dear Priya,

I am so sorry I could not be in the city on your birthday but I want you to know that I am thinking of you right now and having a little party just by myself. If I were there with you, I would have made sure that you have the most beautiful birthday ever.

I would take you near the seashore, and we would take a walk on the beach in the moon light. Under the stars and amid the sounds of the crashing waves we would have a little picnic where I would present a beautiful vanilla cake, your favourite. You would make a wish, blow the candles and cut the cake, while I sing “Happy Birthday” playing my guitar just for you my love. And no, I haven’t forgotten your chocolates and wine for the birthday party!

I promise you won’t be alone on your next birthday.

Only yours,


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