Poetic Romantic Letter

16th Aug 2009





I do understand that there were misunderstandings between us but the love I had for you hasn’t faded at all. Simple words might not be sufficient to express what I feel and hope it makes things better. So, here’s goes my heart…

What’s all this pain I’ve been going through?

Becca, it’s you and only you,

I wish things go as smooth as dew.

When I see right into your eyes,

Don’t know why I just cry,

Maybe it’s because I feel I’m not right,

This melancholy’s got my heart in a big bite.

Baby you’re the only one I really long to see,

I feel alone, don’t let me be,

Grief stricken, don’t let me be,

You belong with me

Was it pain I was going through?

Becca, My love, it’s just that I’ve been missing you,

I now know things are as good as new!!!!!!!!!!!

Your deepest love,


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