Writing A Retirement Letter

Introduction: ‘Retirement’ means ceasing full-time employment on reaching the age of superannuation laid down by an organization or due to personal reasons.

Types of Retirement: The retirement letter has to conform to one of the following reasons for retirement and clarify the key issues shown here-in:-

  • Retirement on Superannuation. The retirement letter should thank the Management and colleagues for their guidance and co-operation which resulted in a happy and satisfying career.
  • Retirement due to Illness. The retirement letter should specifically mention that you were happy and contented in the service of the Company and would have continued but for the ‘Illness’.
  • Retirement due to Self-actualization. The retirement letter should specifically mention your innate desire to fulfill your aspirations elsewhere but for which, you were supremely happy with the organization.

Conclusion: You owe your employer the courtesy of writing a retirement letter and quit on pleasant terms.

Download Sample Writing A Retirement Letter In Word Format

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