Retirement Wishes Letter

Mr. Royan Samual

Director- Sales and Marketing

Eastern Company Pvt. Ltd

Dear Royan,

I am so happy to hear about your timely retirement as Director- Sales and Marketing from Eastern Company Pvt. Ltd on April 22, 2010. You know, sometimes it’s really difficult to find out the exact words to express pleasure and thoughts.

I can only say it, but office will not be office without you. I will miss you a lot as my colleague in Sales and Marketing Department. You must be knowing that I am also getting retired after three months. Thank you so much for your cooperation and support throughout your tenure. Today, my eyes are moist but my heart is filled with best wishes and prayers for you.

I am wishing you wonderful future, health and happiness in life.

Please stay in touch on social website face book and you can call me any time on 5431 784 9022. Do provide me your new contact number.

Yours Friend,

John Hurly

Director- Human Resources

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