Retirement Letter Format

Name of the Client


Company’s name

Dear MR/MS/MRS (name),

This first paragraph contains only the motive of your retirement including your current designation, name of your organization and date of your retirement.  It should be clearly written without zero error to avoid any confusion.

The second paragraph is about your tenure in which you can explain your experience with the company, colleagues and management. Mention regarding your memorable meetings and wonderful achievements. This paragraph communicates thanks to the employer for his/ her appreciation and do not forget to acknowledge those people who have helped you during your tenure.

Third Paragraph states your even eagerness for kind transition. Give an idea about your future plans after retirement, if you want to work somewhere. Always show willingness to be there, if any case company needs you after retirement.

Wish the organization all the success and all the best to successor.

Close the letter with thanks and regards.

You’re Name


Company’s Name

Website Address

Download Sample Retirement Letter Format In Word Format

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