Resignation Letter of Accountant

Mr. Jude law

Head of Auditing and Marketing Division

ABC Solutions

534 Rail Road

Utah 769

RE: Letter of resignation

Dear Sir

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that I am resigning from the post of junior accountant at ABC solutions. My date of departure will be 7th October 2010.

While working at ABC was a most rewarding experience, I have been offered a more lucrative offer elsewhere at a higher position, one that I feel I have the potential to excel at. The last three years at ABC have taught me a lot and the expertise I gained working here will be invaluable for me throughout my career.

I have sufficient time till my departure to complete all the projects I am currently working on. I am also prepared to train my successor to carry out my responsibilities efficiently.

I wish you and ABC all the very best for the future

Thank you


John Stames

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