Formal Resignation Letter

Robinson Clark,


Hawaii Electricals and Hardware

15 June 2004


Mr. Ronald Jones,


Hawaii Electricals and Hardware,


Dear Mr. Jones,

Congratulations on your new order from Minnesota. I am happy that our company is receiving orders from other cities as well. I am writing this letter regarding the meeting we had on the 13th of June. You are very generous in offering me the position and the hike, but I regret to inform to you that at this stage of my career it is better for me to take the offer given to me by my new employer. I had to think twice about everything before coming to this conclusion. Please understand that it was a very difficult decision for me. I hope to join the new company by the end of this month. Please consider this as my official resignation. I will fulfill my duties till the end of this month and finish the pending work. It was a pleasure being associated with Hawaii Electricals and Hardware.

Thanks and regards,


Robinson Clark.

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