Board Resignation Letter

Susan Griffith

4 Neldon Square

Neldon, 23W N34

United Kingdom

3 June 2007

The Chairman

Kaplan and Company

Steve Square NL


United Kingdom

Dear Colleagues,

It is with fairly mixed feelings that mow submit a resignation letter as my position of Kaplan and Company Board Member. With immediate effect, I wish to be eliminated from any future Board documentations.

The reason for my abrupt resignation is that, when Mr. Jean Schoule, the Chairman, requested me to join the Board of Kaplan and Company, I articulated that I was available temporarily to aid in the transition of the company. It is now apparent that the debts and fiscal practices of the company and the practices of the former Executive Director are severe and questionable.

I with the company, the very best and also completely believe that through the cohesive partnerships and thorough transparency, it can emerge from these difficulties even stronger.

Respectfully yours,

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