Request Refusal Letter

14th April, 2010

Harry Gomes

Glowing Electronics Inc.
16 Edith Street,
Hackney West,
ZIP – 29660

Dear Harry Gomes

Although the company does not deny all that you have pointed out in your letter, we on the other hand don’t see an increase right at this very moment.

The management of the company is of the belief that a raise in your salary and other employee benefits is not appropriate at this time. It is the custom of Glowing Electronics Inc. to review all employee benefits and compensation in December at the end of the fiscal year. I’m sure you will appreciate our company policy decisions.

Keeping in mind your importance to the organization and your ability to augment the company’s sales, at that time you will be definitely considered for a salary hike, provided you are able to maintain a steady growth in Sales Division.
Very truly yours,

John Obama.

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