Request Refund Letter

14th April, 2010
Harry Atkinson
Vibrant Electronics Inc.
14 Edith Street,
Hackney West,
ZIP – 29650

Dear Harry Atkinson,

The Sony VMX28 TV that I purchased from you on 10.04.2010  turned
out to be quite a disappointment for my entire family. While it appeared the same as the one I saw in advertisement in the newspaper, I am really sorry to inform, it did not perform in the same way.

Following the instructions, I unpacked the TV from the cartoon it was sealed in and put it on power mode. But to my utter disbelieve I received an electric shock. I did experience the same problem when I gave it a try for next few occasions.

Therefore, I am returning the Sony VMX28 TV to you and ask that
you issue me a complete refund. I am not interested in getting a replacement for the same.

Very truly yours,
Ms Mary Gomes


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