Reference from Head Of The Department

Mr. Severus,

Head of the Department of Physics,

Oxford University,


Respected Sir,

This in reference to the candidate, Mr. Harry, who would like to do PhD in physics under your guidance at the Oxford university. Mr. Harry had been my student at the post graduation level and I would like to let you know that, I have never met such a brilliant student like him in my past 45 years of teaching experience. His mind is beyond the comprehension of an ordinary person. His mini project on the production of electricity by using hydrogen chain reaction has got him the award of master brain conducted by the dept of nuclear physics, Government of England.

I personally feel that if Mr. Harry is placed in under your expert guidance, he can out shine in the field of Physics.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Mr. Albus,

Head of the Department of Physics,

Stanford University,


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