Landlord Reference Letter

Rachel Black,

3rd East Avenue,


United Kingdom.


Dear Mrs. Black,

This is to verify that Mr. Justice and his wife are tenants of 27 Street, Block 6, East London. He pays £680 per month for a two bed roomed unit. Mr. Justice has been our tenant since January 15th 2006 and has been quite cooperative. Except for the time he lost his job, the rent has always been paid on the agreed date.  This outstanding rent was settled within two weeks.

Mr. Justice keeps his unit and the surroundings clean. He is careful not to bother other residents and does not put loud music or engage in any other impolite doings. Their dog has not caused any disturbance to the neighbors.

Mr. Justice gave us a one month notice of his intension to vacate the apartment. We will refund him the full deposit at the end of this month.

Please contact me for more information.


Rose Grunt.

Rose Park Apartments

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