Adoption Reference Letter

An adoption reference letter is issued when a couple intends to adopt a child and need to be cleared as people who have been assessed and have everything in place that is necessary to raise a child or children of a specific age group.

Sample adoption reference letter

Mother Superior,

Sussex Home for Orphans,

567 Notting Hall,


Dear Madam,

In reference to Mr. and Mrs. Patterson’s adoption application, we have managed to sit with them for three weeks and after a thorough and conclusive examination, they have our nod of approval. During this period they have invited us into their home and showed us where the children will be staying, what activities that they will be partaking and which schools they plan to take them, along with other modalities. These include their stable personal relationship as a couple, their financial capability to raise the two teenage children as well as their religious background. We highly recommend them as apt parents and should any additional information based on our inspection be needed we will provide directly or through the child welfare social office.

Yours truly,

Bernice Penn

Download Sample Adoption Reference Letter In Word Format

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