Tenant Recommendation Letter

Angelina Rhodes

390 Angle Street,Brandon



Dear Mr. Rhodes, It gives me great pleasure to recommend Alex Mud who has been my tenant for over three years. He had an impeccable payment record and always paid the rent on the due date or before the due date. In the beginning there were complains of very loud music from his house but when he was informed about this he felt  sorry and immediately stopped it. There were no complaints whatsoever from the house keeper and care taker as well. He was known as a happy-go-lucky man.

Alex gave me ample notice whenever he intended to go on vacation. This facilitated enough time for me to find a replacement. He always made sure the house is in good condition and took extra care not to damage any of the fittings. I would recommend Alex Mud as a tenant from my jovial experience with him. I will gladly answer if you have any further query.


Whitney Huston.

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