Recommendation Letter for Citizenship


Ministry of External Affairs,

Government of India,

#23, Mayur Marg,

New Delhi-1109865.

Respected Sir,

This is in recommendation to Mr. Dilshan Sangakara, who wishes to seek the citizenship of India. I would like to inform you that, Mr. Dilshan was a native of Nepal. He migrated from Nepal to India in the year 1970 in pursuit of his employment. Since then, he had been staying in India, working for a government bank under Nepalese minority. Now he wishes to change his nationality as Indian.

We have verified all the facts pertaining to his stay in India and confirm them as valid. He has been residing at the address 674, Moti Nagar, Gandhi Marg , New Delhi since 1982. His Nepal passport no is BZAS570844 and he has not applied for any voter identity card/ration card/pan card for the same reason.

Attached to this letter are the documents required, in support of the above said.

Kindly consider his citizenship.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely.


Home Ministry,

Government of New Delhi,


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