Letter of Recommendation for Award

“This letter is in support of Bravo Charley, who is seeking a $1.2 Billion grant. I did read with due diligence the statement of purpose; just to mention, I have had many rounds of discussions with him pertaining to his project, which according to me is both important and compelling.

Bravo Charley exhibits a rare combination: at this young age he is already a seasoned expert in both iconography and literature. Having given him lessons on a language-intensive course 2 years ago, I witnessed his superb command over French.

Talking of his project’s focus of interest, the French Langue and Impact, it suits Bravo Charley’s talent and industry.  The French Milestone Institute is the perfect place to give shape to such research and I’m sure that Bravo Charley’s research findings will be helpful in that field.

Bravo Charley is a very congenial person, bright and energetic young scholar and is very positive. I do endorse his candidacy with firm confidence and enthusiasm.”


Jacob David

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