Landlord Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Please be informed that Rosy Even has been a tenant of Homely Heaven Inc since 01/03/2009. During this period she has been a very good tenant. She always made it a point to keep the apartment neat and clean, paid the rent on time and was equally considerate with her fellow neighbors.

In many ways Rosy Even fits the definition of an ideal tenant. She has a good nature, is a person of integrity, honesty, helpful, strong values, ethical and is down-to-earth. You too will vouch for this notion if you give her an opportunity and can rent her.

Finally, please feel free to call me at 8974-6547-8910 if you want to seek any additional information regarding her. Like I said, you can count on her and take her as a tenant in any of your properties without the second thoughts.

Mr. Philips George

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