Character Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mariana Jones for seven years. During the years of our acquaintance, I have known Mariana in various capacities. She has been my Aunt’s Helper since my first child’s birth seven years ago. Her responsibilities in that capacity had seen an upswing in the activity level of a now pre-schooler, and the addition of another child, now a toddler.

She has also been my riding student, and assisted me with for varied tasks which are expected to run a thoroughbred breeding facility. She has spent many summers at work on the farm, as well as during school vacations, weekends, and after school.

Mariana is dedicated, capable, an intelligent and has a good personality. I have found her to be quick on her feet and she can sensible react in all the circumstances. With her maturity and thoughtfulness, I’m confident she will be able to handle any situation.

Major Johnson

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