Request for Proposal Letter

Mr. Mark Clark

Managing Director

Clark & Co. Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Clark,

We are writing you this letter on behalf of Jimco & Co. Pvt. Ltd to invite the business proposal from Clark & Co. Pvt. Ltd to work together for another three years to promote our product in the market.

This is to notify that we are very happy with your last year’s performance. Management board of Jimco & Co. Pvt. Ltd has decided to work with you for next three years as our current commitment is about to culminate in this week on July 5th, 2010. The terms and conditions and payment will remain the same for our current product marketing contract. If, in case Clark & Co. Pvt. Ltd is not willing to work then you need to submit the explanation cum reasoning letter two days before the completion  of the agreement.

We can be contacted on given official number and e- mail id in working hours.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Craig Timberlake

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