Short Sale Hardship Letter Template pending

Attention Customer Service:

Subject: Loan reference/file number of [names of borrower(s) appearing on loan documents]

Property and/or mailing address

I am writing because: [strike off whichever is inapplicable and tick against the one that is applicable]

Due to the recent adjustment to the mortgage I currently have with your company, I am finding it difficult to afford the new payment.

I need to know the present status of my captioned loan with regard to amount due, paid and balance due

I would like my captioned loan account investigated, check the transaction details, make corrections.[strike off whichever is inapplicable]

I am in receipt of a statement from you indicating an increase in my principal balance, and revised rate of interest, etc. and seek explanation thereof

When I spoke to one of your customer service representative over phone to enquire certain details,[time of call, date of call, name of representative who spoke and details of information provided tome on my captioned loan a/c]

I had opted for 20 years’ repayment period with interest of 8.5% on an amount of $20,00,000 borrowed;

I would like to modify my captioned loan a/c with revised installment amount with interest and I would like your customer service representative call on me for further discussion and explanation of my queries.

I understand that the lender is required to acknowledge my qualified written request within 10 business days and to try and resolve the issue within 30 business days.


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