Short Sale Hardship Letter Divorce

4th May,2012

Anthony Morris

2013, Richardson Avenue, Gregory Boulevard,

Nottingham NG87BP

Dear Lender/Banker:

I am writing this letter with great regret to ask the bank to please accept a short sale on our captioned home.

As a consequence of divorcing my wife, she and I are unable to afford our mortgage jointly. As of today, it is unclear to me however I thought that we could afford the mortgage once payments started adjusting.

We borrowed money from our family besides taking cash advances on credit cards, ands above all, I had to seek divorce from my wife and she just refuses to cooperate in this regard with no real hope of affording the payment solely by myself. At this point, the situation is I will not be in a position to pay unless I hit a jackpot or land in a big job to give me fabulous salary to match the contribution which my wife hitherto was joining me to pay.

This was not at all what I intended when I purchased this home and am very sorry that this has occurred; however, I have come to the conclusion that I have no other option. Please work with me on a short sale. I do not want to go through foreclosure, but if I can’t do a short sale then I will not be able to avoid it.

I would appreciate any help you are able to provide.



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